Kuvshin & Matryoshka



Kuvshin & Matryoshka

  • Release date: 2016-04
  • Label: Collaborations UK
  • Catalog #: DYCD001

Kuvshin & Matryoshka is the new album by Damir Yakubov available now on a variety of digital platforms. View the tracklisting below and click here to see all purchasing options.

Kuvshin is a vessel of magical powers, Matryoshka is the name for nesting dolls that are part of Russian tradition. Click here to view the lyrics.

All songs written and sung by Damir Yakubov
Produced by Stef Hambrook and Damir Yakubov

Recorded at Toybox Studios, Bristol, UK 2014
Mastered by Stef Hambrook
Mentor: Anton Mullan
Photo: Carole Bemant
Management: Carole Bemant

Thanks to all the great musicians playing on this album:
Anders Olinder: Piano, organ, keyboard bass
Aaron Catlow: Violin
Dave Johnston: Bass guitar
Lisa Cherian: Bongos,congas,gong
Stef Hambrook: Drums, shaker, tambourine, kettle drum, dumbek, djembe, surdo, backing vocals
Damir Yakubov: Acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, Jew’s harp, vocals

Artwork design: www.darkhousemultimedia.com

Collaborations UK


Album is out now on selected digital platforms

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